GWA Encourages People To Report Domestic Violence



The Gibraltar Women’s Association says it encourages victims, friends, families and neighbours to report domestic violence.A statement continued:“According to Government statistics, domestic violence cases locally average out to 43.5 reported cases a month. Up until September this year 398 cases have been reported. Our neighbours in Andalusia have had over 17,614 complaints over the same period.“Domestic Violence of any kind is intolerable and socially unacceptable. The Spanish parliament are set to discuss a $1 billion fund to tackle gender based violence across Spain.“GWA believe that high local statistics should result in similar, albeit relative, investment and investigation by the GoG. Abuse can manifest in many ways, such as feeling intimidated by your partner, belittled or humiliated, violent behaviour or threats, controlling behaviour, sexual violence and what may start as small forms of control can spiral into violence.“Domestic violence in front of children is classed as a form of child abuse and can affect children greatly if happening to a parent or sibling. It can happen in both personal relationships and work. If you feel uncomfortable speak out to someone you trust and seek help.“We would also encourage friends, families and neighbours to not be afraid to report any incidents to the police. Domestic violence is not acceptable.”

GWA Concerned About Laguna Youth Club



The Gibraltar Women’s Association (GWA) says it is concerned that plans to “hastily rush ahead” with building works for a new school without affording due care and consideration will leave another section of our community without the valuable provision of youth club and playground for an unnecessary prolonged period.A spokesperson said: “The Laguna Youth Club provides a highly regarded service for the youth in this area. The playground is the only one in the vicinity and in an age where focus needs to be provided on diet and exercise this facility needs to be available. Increasing childhood obesity and all the health conditions that this leads to, will be exacerbated without providing sufficient outdoor facilities for the younger members of our society and embarking them on a healthy lifestyle choice. Intelligent planning and sensitive infrastructure will enable both aspects to be protected whilst provided a much-needed resource to the vulnerable and minimal disruption to an estate which has been subjected to protracted building in the recent past.”

GWA Warns About Dangers Of Underage Drinking

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The Gibraltar Women’s Association (GWA) has expressed its concerns about underage drinking in Gibraltar. The association urges the RGP to take a tough approach to tackle establishments that sell alcohol to underage teens.A spokesperson said: “Gibraltar teenagers spend their Friday nights in Casemates where there are bars and restaurants that sell alcohol. This can lead to underage drinking if not managed appropriately. Establishing a drinking habit or binge drinking cannot only destroy health but whole families lives. It removes inhibitions and children will behave in a way that is not normal for them or safe. They will be at risk from predators, more likely to be in an accident or get into a fight.“We would encourage the Royal Gibraltar Police to be tough on underage drinking and check and prosecute all bars who are found to be serving drinks to young people. We would also encourage parents to speak to their child on the effects of underage drinking and to get their children to carry their ID cards to prove age when necessary. Don't get caught out, stay in control of your actions and be safe!”

GWA Extremely Concerned About “Lenient Sentencing”

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The Gibraltar Women’s Association (GWA) has expressed “extreme concern” regarding the sentencing of what it calls “sexual predator cases” that have come to press in recent months. The GWA also highlights yesterday’s sentence of 18 months for possession of over 300 images of children.A spokesperson said: “We feel that lenient sentencing does little to discourage individuals from committing these vile crimes. Remember each of these images is a child or infant who has been subjected to sexual abuse including penetration and is emotionally and mentally scarred. Unless we show our outrage none of our children are safe. “In addition we wish to protest at the victim blaming that happens even in a court setting. Discussion about the way the victim acts or dresses and whether maturity is shown in underage cases, the way the victim presents themselves or stereotyping by demonstrating drug or alcohol use, creates insensitive bias and hampers prosecution of rape.“Language shapes response to sexual abuse in the wider society. It is hostile to victims and undermines the severity of the crime. The responsibility lies solely with the perpetrator in all instances. We call the Government of Gibraltar to intervene, increase sentencing severity and make the Gibraltar people feel safe in our own homeland from sexual violence.”

GBA And GWA Hit Back At "Offensive And Misogynistic" Opinion Piece In The Local Press



The Gibraltar Breastfeeding Association and Gibraltar Women's Association have condemned an opinion piece in the local press.The piece, written under the pseudonym Armando Lagrande, published in yesterday's Panorama newspaper received plenty of social media outrage after it was shared on online forums. A spokesman for the Gibraltar Breastfeeding Association said: "In reaction to an offensive and misogynist anonymous opinion piece in the local press, the Gibraltar Breastfeeding Association wish to clarify the facts on the change of the equality law to protect the rights of breastfeeding families."According to law it is now discriminatory for an establishment to ask a women to stop feeding or move when breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is natural and has always been legal."New mothers are particularly vulnerable and vocal opinions such as this can have dangerous and deep lasting affects.

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