Women’s Association Welcomes Morning After Pill News And Calls For Sexual Health Clinic

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The Gibraltar Women’s Association has welcomed the news that the morning after pill is finally being prescribed over the counter in pharmacies.A statement from the GWA continued: “As far back as in November 2014, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) recommended a change in classification in status from prescription to non prescription for emergency contraceptive pill in the EU. Following this the European commission issued an implementing decision that UPA ECP should be available without prescription. The morning after pill is a dose of hormones which delay ovulation and therefore avoid conception for those whose regular contraception has failed them and it is an individual choice on whether to buy them or not. Its availability reduces social issues such as unwanted pregnancies and abortions, where locals have to venture into Spain. Modernisation in this field brings contraception into the open and encourages couples to discuss this without fear. We are one of the last nations in Europe to offer this choice. 

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GWA Starts School Uniform Recycling Initiative



In support of World Environment Week, the Gibraltar Women’s Association (GWA) is starting an initiative to recycle school uniforms. The GWA says it hopes to collaborate with schools and youth clubs in the near future.A statement continued: “Our throw away culture is not sustainable and reusing good condition clothes is a perfect way to save our earth, reduce fast fashion trends and its associated labour practices and help parents’ pockets.“We ask parents to bring items that are outgrown or no longer needed on Tuesday 13th June between 3.30-4 and the sale will be from 4-7 to the Line Wall Road youth hall (next to the youth hostel).“Items will be sold on at a small price and profits reinvested into green projects. Please come along and kit out your child for school and do your bit for the world's global footprint. Please email the GWA on info@gwa.gi for further information.”

GWA Encourages Women To Apply For Firefighter Vacancy



The Gibraltar Women’s Association (GWA) is encouraging women to apply for the recently advertised vacancy of firefighter.A statement read: “In a section which has traditionally been predominantly men it is imperative in this day and age that, like the rest of the world, women are employed in this sector.“A woman is just as capable as her male counterpart to fulfill this role as is this case in other essential services and we expect that the firefighting section take their obligation for equality and inclusion seriously and put out the fire on unequal opportunity.”

GWA Presents Its Main Aims During Civil Society Awards

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The Gibraltar Women’s Association has thanked the Equality Rights Group for the invitation to speak at their yearly Independent Civil Society Awards.A statement from the group outlined its main objectives: “We agree with the sentiments expressed by the group and concur in our aim to be a voice for all with no political or religious bias. We took the opportunity to showcase the work we have achieved recently including pressing for more rigorous safeguarding laws and regulations, open communication with the GHA on a variety of matters and equality issues.“We are ongoing with our wish for longer times of crossing on traffic lights, which we conducted a project to monitor all times. We found that to enable safe crossing for elderly and disabled individuals the times of the crossings need to be increased by five or ten seconds. “We also reiterate the need for community care payments to be paid individually and not to the male partner.

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Law To Tackle Grooming Is Tightened



An adult need only communicate sexually with a child once for that action to count as “grooming” following a proposed change to Gibraltar’s laws. People convicted of this offence could face up to two years in jail. At the end of last month, the Minister for Justice, the Hon Neil Costa, published a Bill for a new Crimes (Amendment) Act 2017. This introduces a new offence of “Revenge Porn.”This Bill also includes amendments to the offence of “grooming” in Gibraltar to bring this offence in line with the equivalent offence in the United Kingdom. “Grooming” currently applies to an adult who communicates with a child on at least two occasions, and who subsequently meets or arranges to meet that child in order to commit a sexual offence. The new proposed amendment will reduce to one the number of occasions on which the defendant must initially meet or communicate with the child with the intention of committing a sexual offence. Thus, a single such meeting or communication will qualify as “grooming”.Following the publication of the Bill, Minister Costa was approached by the Gibraltar Women’s Association who welcomed it and offered their support.

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