Healthcare Projects


Extension of the current appointment system

Extension of the current appointment system from 9am to 7pm to cater for fulltime workers.  Workers will not need to take from limited annual leave to attend doctor’s appointments.

Paediatric nurses at the Primary Care Centre 

Paediatric nurses at the Primary Care Centre and A&E with an Emergency Doctor only for children.  Children do not queue with adults and waiting times shorted for both

Repeat prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions to be reverted to the previous system whereby the E111 is posted and given to the doctor who decides whether the patient requires an appointment or just a repeat prescription. You don’t have to wait a month again –all appointments having gone on the first day of the month, if you manage to get through!

Hospital ER referrals

Hospital ER referrals to be given the authority to refer patients for scans/ X-rays rather than patient being referred back to their GP (with the ongoing issue of appointments given only once a month, as above).

Wifi access and a physical library at John Mackintosh Wing

Provide Hospital wards and Mount Alvernia Residents with wifi access and a physical library at John Mackintosh Wing. Families can contact their relatives and friends at Hospital or Mount Alvernia daily using facetime, skype, email, send photos (as sometimes there is limited time for physical visits) and residents can be connected to the internet which offers music and other entertainment rather than all sit in one room with one television on one channel. This should improve the mental and emotional health of residents as there is increased contact with family and friends.

Alvernia Residents pocket money

Increase Mount Alvernia Residents pocket money as there has been no increase since approximately the 1990s yet pensions have increased in this time.

Sanitary Items Tax

Remove women’s sanitary items Tax as this discriminates against women.