GWA Expresses Confidence In New Schools Project

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The Gibraltar Women’s Association has expressed its “complete confidence” in the development process of the new schools.A spokesperson said: “We are aware of the comprehensive stakeholder consultation process which has gone above and beyond the standard procedure of consulting senior management,by also conducting a full study by a working group of stakeholders from all areas.“We are particularly pleased on an equality standpoint that it has included  progressing into co education of comprehensive schools and the continuation of mixed schooling.“We have spoken to various members of the teaching profession who were given ample opportunity to comment in various meetings hosted by the department. We are satisfied that the Department of Education under the very capable hands of acting director Darren Grech and Minister John Cortes are leading the ship in the right direction and the needs of the children, who are the user group, are of paramount consideration.”

GWA Concerned About Reports Of Bullying Within The GHA

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The Gibraltar Women’s Association (GWA) has expressed concern regarding reports of “internal bullying and physical abuse” within the GHA.This comes following a press release from Unite the Union which called for the suspension of a senior GHA manager who had allegedly used physical force against a union shop steward.A GWA spokesperson said: “We understand that instead of the aggressor being removed as per usual protocol whilst investigation, the victim has been removed. Aggression and violence has no place in society and government managers should lead by example in both behaviour and investigatory procedure and policy.“It is imperative that procedure for bullying in the workplace are followed or there will be a drop in incidents being reported and followed by high rates of mental health issues in the workforce.

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GWA congratulates Sir Joe on knighthood

The Falkland Islands Government has congratulated Gibraltar Government Minister Joe Bossano on being awarded a knighthood in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List for 2018.In a statement in which it described Sir Joe as a “long-standing friend of the Falkland Islands”, the Falkland Islands Government said he has spoken vociferously in support of Falkland Islander’s right to self-determination at various international forums. Sir Joe has visited the Falkland Islands twice, lastly in 2012 at the invitation of the Falkland Islands government, as part of a series of events to mark the 30th anniversary of the 1982 conflict. Chair of the Legislative Assembly, MLA Teslyn Barkman, said: “We were delighted to learn of Sir Joe receiving this well-deserved honour and offer him our warmest congratulations.”

“His lifelong commitment to self-determination has particularly resonated with us here in the Falklands.”“His support has been truly appreciated and is an example of the friendship between the Falklands and Gibraltar which we greatly value.”


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Press Release: Modernisation and Trial of a Rolling Chair

The GWA Committee are very excited to announce that we have taken the decision to modernise the Association by introducing the trial of a rolling chair. This effectively means that each of the committee members who wish to take on the role will take it in turns to chair the Association.

This fulfils our aims of empowerment to the individual and promotes strength of character allowing each committee member the opportunity to develop their leadership and communication skills. Each committee member will take responsibility for their share of the workload and projects including all press releases and correspondence and lead on individual projects.

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GWA 50th Anniversay Photos by GibraltarFocus

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Posted by GibraltarFocus on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

GWA Praises Gibraltar 2019 Island Games Committee For Banning Plastic Bottles

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The GWA would like to congratulate the Gibraltar 2019 Island Games Committee on their initiative to go plastic bottle free for the 2019 games.
 A spokesperson for the Association said: "This is a very progressive stance and great for Gibraltar's reputation. Well done to all involved.
"We hope this will be replicated by schools and sports facilities. Following the government's legislation on microbeads we hope they also look at banning all single use plastic bags and bottles."

GWA 2018 Objectives

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The GWA will be working towards these objectives as priority in 2018.
Civil Service
Efficiency procedures and policy to eliminate ineffectiveness in the workforce and provide a good service for all
General orders readily available for the workforce 
Longer counter service in government departments managed by flexible working hours
Part time and flexible working
Equality and the female voice in the Brexit process
Lands and government Projects
Town plan and sensitive and sustainable development
Education, Heritage, Environment and Climate change
Career specialists from year 8 onwards to guide students to sustainable career paths managing local employment needs and student aspirations and talents
Conscience consideration of parental financial contributions including uniforms and school trips
Effective multi agency bullying policy
Breakfast and after school homework clubs
Separation of education from secular endeavors
Sexual health and relationship comprehensive educational policy
More green areas and trees on all road sides to absorb urban pollution
Ban plastic bags and single use plastics 
Hard line control of dog fouling and urine and dedicated dog toilets to combat this out of control area

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Winners For GWA Poetry Competition Announced



The Winners of the Gibraltar Women's Association Poetry Competition for International Women's Day are:
GWA Poetry Competition with the Title - "A Woman You Admire"
Ages 4- 7 - Winner - Lyra Jane Cant
Runner Up - Krishaa Lakhiani
Ages 8-12 - Winner - Dante Jimenez
Runner Up - Arianne Lee Parody
Ages 13-18 - Winner - Shakti Gina Giani
Runner Up - Ellise Brayson
Overall Highly Commended is Taneesha Nagrani

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GWA Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

The Gibraltar Women’s Association has celebrated its 50th anniversary, with a reception bringing together past and present members and their friends and family. Founded in 1966 as the Housewives’ Association, over the years the Women’s Association has campaigned on local and international issues affecting women, men and children on the Rock.


The Gibraltar Women’s Association has celebrated its 50th anniversary, with a reception bringing together past and present members and their friends and family. Founded in 1966 as the Housewives’ Association, over the years the Women’s Association has campaigned on local and international issues affecting women, men and children on the Rock.

Posted by GBC News on Wednesday, February 17, 2016