Press Release: Modernisation and Trial of a Rolling Chair

The GWA Committee are very excited to announce that we have taken the decision to modernise the Association by introducing the trial of a rolling chair. This effectively means that each of the committee members who wish to take on the role will take it in turns to chair the Association.

This fulfils our aims of empowerment to the individual and promotes strength of character allowing each committee member the opportunity to develop their leadership and communication skills. Each committee member will take responsibility for their share of the workload and projects including all press releases and correspondence and lead on individual projects.

We would also like to announce that the association will be initiating monthly ‘drop in’ meetings with its members and interested members of the community. Anyone who has an issue or concern to raise, is welcome to attend and meet with one of our committee members during an allocated time. More information on this great initiative will be released to the press in the very near future.