GWA Concerned About Reports Of Bullying Within The GHA

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The Gibraltar Women’s Association (GWA) has expressed concern regarding reports of “internal bullying and physical abuse” within the GHA.This comes following a press release from Unite the Union which called for the suspension of a senior GHA manager who had allegedly used physical force against a union shop steward.A GWA spokesperson said: “We understand that instead of the aggressor being removed as per usual protocol whilst investigation, the victim has been removed. Aggression and violence has no place in society and government managers should lead by example in both behaviour and investigatory procedure and policy.“It is imperative that procedure for bullying in the workplace are followed or there will be a drop in incidents being reported and followed by high rates of mental health issues in the workforce.

In the interest of a non-biased investigation for both parties, we strongly call for the suspension or removal of the alleged aggressor to preserve the rights of both victim, witnesses and accused from possible intimidation.“This is proceeded by a incidence of aggression between staff members recently who are following by example. The GWA urge the original union member and the latest victim to report the incidents to the RGP for investigation, but should the reported victim feel compromised, the GHA have a duty of care to report the matter themselves, as it can have far reaching implications for the whole of the GoG workforce and public expectations.“We wish to remind GHA management that their zero tolerance to violence policy has to work both ways, including both the public and staff, to be taken seriously. We are also concerned that if such behaviour is shown by a senior official that it may be mirrored in the way staff are treated internally and we call for a strict independent investigation into bullying in the workplace to be carried out.”A spokesperson for the Government said: ‘The Government makes no comment whatsoever on matters relating to any of its staff.’