GWA 2018 Objectives

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The GWA will be working towards these objectives as priority in 2018.
Civil Service
Efficiency procedures and policy to eliminate ineffectiveness in the workforce and provide a good service for all
General orders readily available for the workforce 
Longer counter service in government departments managed by flexible working hours
Part time and flexible working
Equality and the female voice in the Brexit process
Lands and government Projects
Town plan and sensitive and sustainable development
Education, Heritage, Environment and Climate change
Career specialists from year 8 onwards to guide students to sustainable career paths managing local employment needs and student aspirations and talents
Conscience consideration of parental financial contributions including uniforms and school trips
Effective multi agency bullying policy
Breakfast and after school homework clubs
Separation of education from secular endeavors
Sexual health and relationship comprehensive educational policy
More green areas and trees on all road sides to absorb urban pollution
Ban plastic bags and single use plastics 
Hard line control of dog fouling and urine and dedicated dog toilets to combat this out of control area

Tourism, Employment, Aviation and the port
Stop zero contract hours
Back to work schemes
Apprenticeships leading to real qualifications
Community service and the provision of associated social benefit schemes
Equality in community care
Eliminate age discrimination on retirement age
Ensure all boat owners have the correct pilot licenses according to international standards
Health, Care and Justice


Primary Care appointment system resolved

Separate Doctors in PCC and A &E for children and adults
Direct referrals from A&E
Sexual health clinics including abortions available locally
Review of jury system as statistics suggest it does not work locally
Tougher sentences for all convicted criminals and rehabilitation for prisoners
Zero tolerance to gender discriminatory terms and behaviour within the court process
Zero tolerance to violent and sexual crimes especially to juveniles
Revision and control of all those who work with children including comprehensive child safeguarding training, management and vetting
Sex offenders register available to all who work with children and on a need to know basis
Clear referral process for concerns
Culture, media, youth and Sport
No smoking in all parks and sport areas
All year round open swimming facilities for families
Provision of activities for teenagers to move away from Casemates on Friday nights
Housing and Equality
Sustainable co ownership housing projects that provides low cost housing that is not resold for private profit ensuring a continuous low cost housing stock
Sustainable new estates using ecological resources and alternative power
Recovery of all housing debts and zero tolerance to antisocial behavior
Consumer protection
Update on gender pay working group
Comprehensive review and new legislation to modernise parental leave and liveable non discriminatory benefits
Disability Allowance for all disabilities
Review and modernise child benefit conditions and pay assessment limits 
Equal opportunity of employment in all areas
Regular meetings with the Minister of Equality for mutual projects
Infrastructure and planning
Control and destruction of out of MOT and abandoned vehicles
Point system and finally disqualification of licenses for all offenses except parking
Hard line on speeding and dangerous driving
Bicycle lanes and more efficient bus service
Sustainable Town plan to include renewable energy on all new buildings Overall
Zero tolerance and exemplary behavior from managers of bullying in the workplace by all government employees as an example
More women in parliament, in politics and in executive committees