GWA 50th Anniversay Photos by Tommy Finlayson


Posted by Tommy Finlayson on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

GWA 50th Anniversay Photos by GibraltarFocus

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Posted by GibraltarFocus on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

1966 Pathe News - Gibraltar

At 01:04 see how the women in Gibraltar did all in their power to petition to the Queen to secure British sovereignty over Gibraltar.

Growing up with Magda by her son, Hon Fabian Picardo QC, Chief Minister

“You don’t grow up to be the son of Magda Picardo without learning that you have to have an opinion on things and that you must engage in the real issues that matter in your community. Early on Mum taught me that shrugging one’s shoulders is never good enough. No, you have to be for or against issues, and you have to defend your beliefs. She had immersed in the political action world of Gibraltar at the time of the frontier closure. She also had to work and was Sir Joshua Hassan’s secretary as well as his fervent supporter. So she was very alive to the very real circumstances that were affecting Gibraltarian families in the late 60s and early 70s.

The austerity of the post-War years set the agenda for women concerned about housing, food prices and public health as well as the broader defence against the measures being taken by Spain to make life difficult for us all. Mum taught me about hard work, loyalty and principles and it was those qualities in her that gave me my first lesson in politics. She was, undoubtedly, the Margaret Thatcher of our household.

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Family Centre

The creation of a Family Centre pursuant to s.115 Children Act 2009 at which parents and children and others may attend for occupational, social, cultural, recreational activities or to receive advice, guidance or counselling. A first stop, accessible, free multi- information advice centre for families in need of help.  This is a statutory provision which has no effect as there is no designated building/ Family Centre which currently offers the community easy access to many areas of family/ other support e.g. parenting, budgeting, rehabilitation,  reconciliation, etc.

Parental Leave

Introduce Parental Leave - remove maternity and paternity leave.  Both parents can then decide how to allocate their time between them according to their family’s needs.

Review of maternity leave as an ongoing project. Maternity leave and maternity benefits to be reviewed.