GWA Poetry Competition


The Gibraltar Women’s Association is holding a poetry competition to commemorate International Women's Day on 8th March.

The competition is open to children under 18 in three age categories and the subject is "A woman you admire".

Entries are to be submitted to or posted to PO box 1155 or handed to any committee member. Closing date is 28th February.

GWA Welcomes RGP Crackdown On Underage Tobacco And Alcohol Consumption And Sale



The Gibraltar Women’s Association (GWA) says it welcomes the recent RGP operation to control underage consumption of tobacco and alcohol. The GWA says that families around the Rock should be more aware that children are being served alcohol during the evening in and around popular teenage hang outs and the implications this has on not only their health, but also on their vulnerability and safeguarding issues. The GWA calls for continued awareness in this area and hardline targeting by both the RGP, licensing department and the courts on those establishments who supply tobacco and alcohol to underage children.

GWA Supports World Hijab Day

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The Gibraltar Women’s Association (GWA) says it is proud to support one of its Sub Committee members, Nadia Esserti, who is running a stall on February 1st to support World Hijab Day. This will be the first time Gibraltar will be celebrating this event and the GWA says it is pleased to support the campaign’s aims of education, awareness, understanding and peace. World Hijab Day is an annual event founded by Nazma Khan that takes place on the 1st of February in over 140 countries. Its purpose is to encourage women of all religious backgrounds to wear and experience the Hijab and also come together and show solidarity and unity.

Winners For GWA Poetry Competition Announced



The Winners of the Gibraltar Women's Association Poetry Competition for International Women's Day are:
GWA Poetry Competition with the Title - "A Woman You Admire"
Ages 4- 7 - Winner - Lyra Jane Cant
Runner Up - Krishaa Lakhiani
Ages 8-12 - Winner - Dante Jimenez
Runner Up - Arianne Lee Parody
Ages 13-18 - Winner - Shakti Gina Giani
Runner Up - Ellise Brayson
Overall Highly Commended is Taneesha Nagrani

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Action needed on motorcycling on our roads, says women association

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The recent court case here in Gibraltar which dealt with a motorcyclist that caused injuries to a mother and her baby serves to highlight the general concern there is about motorcycles on our roads.
Without pointing a finger at this particular case, people are referring to motorcyclists who on a daily basis treat our roads as if it was a racing circuit. "I have seen this with my own eyes," said a complainant, pointing at the prospect of serious accidents which can occur unless something is done by the pertinent authorities.
And what are the pertinent authorities expected to do?
The Gibraltar Women's Association say that there should be a complete review of local motor offence laws. 
Tamsin Suarez says that the GWA are concerned at the lenient sentencing.
A statement adds: "In line with our aim to be a voice for women to protect the interest of our community, we feel that motor offences are becoming more frequent due to the lenient sentencing in our courts. 

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