GBA And GWA Hit Back At "Offensive And Misogynistic" Opinion Piece In The Local Press



The Gibraltar Breastfeeding Association and Gibraltar Women's Association have condemned an opinion piece in the local press.The piece, written under the pseudonym Armando Lagrande, published in yesterday's Panorama newspaper received plenty of social media outrage after it was shared on online forums. A spokesman for the Gibraltar Breastfeeding Association said: "In reaction to an offensive and misogynist anonymous opinion piece in the local press, the Gibraltar Breastfeeding Association wish to clarify the facts on the change of the equality law to protect the rights of breastfeeding families."According to law it is now discriminatory for an establishment to ask a women to stop feeding or move when breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is natural and has always been legal."New mothers are particularly vulnerable and vocal opinions such as this can have dangerous and deep lasting affects.

"Members of our association are incensed and such outdated views have no place in today’s progressive and inclusive society. We wish to encourage families in Gibraltar to be confident when breastfeeding and if the article has affected you please contact us on our page or group for support."A statement from the Gibraltar Women's Association read: "As an established Association whose ethos is to uphold the voice of women in Gibraltar and protect against discrimination, the GWA condemns a misogynistic opinion piece written under a pseudonym in the local press."When you get past the bad grammar and confusing tirade, the offensive rant claims that breastfeeding is now legal in Gibraltar and goes on to assert that women are controlled by fads and wish to expose themselves. The article is sexually objective and belittling and our members are incensed."We support the Gibraltar Breastfeeding Associations continuous effort to ensure the rights of breastfeeding families. Breastfeeding is a natural act having always been legal, the new law protects the rights of families to breastfeed and not to be discriminated against in public, under an equality act which also protects the rights of women from harassment and discrimination."We wish to challenge the rights of an author in today’s Gibraltar to hide behind a publication and anonymously incite hatred. Our members request clarification as to who is the writer of this piece and demand an apology on behalf of the strong intelligent women of Gibraltar."