GWA Encourages People To Report Domestic Violence



The Gibraltar Women’s Association says it encourages victims, friends, families and neighbours to report domestic violence.A statement continued:“According to Government statistics, domestic violence cases locally average out to 43.5 reported cases a month. Up until September this year 398 cases have been reported. Our neighbours in Andalusia have had over 17,614 complaints over the same period.“Domestic Violence of any kind is intolerable and socially unacceptable. The Spanish parliament are set to discuss a $1 billion fund to tackle gender based violence across Spain.“GWA believe that high local statistics should result in similar, albeit relative, investment and investigation by the GoG. Abuse can manifest in many ways, such as feeling intimidated by your partner, belittled or humiliated, violent behaviour or threats, controlling behaviour, sexual violence and what may start as small forms of control can spiral into violence.“Domestic violence in front of children is classed as a form of child abuse and can affect children greatly if happening to a parent or sibling. It can happen in both personal relationships and work. If you feel uncomfortable speak out to someone you trust and seek help.“We would also encourage friends, families and neighbours to not be afraid to report any incidents to the police. Domestic violence is not acceptable.”