GWA Extremely Concerned About “Lenient Sentencing”

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The Gibraltar Women’s Association (GWA) has expressed “extreme concern” regarding the sentencing of what it calls “sexual predator cases” that have come to press in recent months. The GWA also highlights yesterday’s sentence of 18 months for possession of over 300 images of children.A spokesperson said: “We feel that lenient sentencing does little to discourage individuals from committing these vile crimes. Remember each of these images is a child or infant who has been subjected to sexual abuse including penetration and is emotionally and mentally scarred. Unless we show our outrage none of our children are safe. “In addition we wish to protest at the victim blaming that happens even in a court setting. Discussion about the way the victim acts or dresses and whether maturity is shown in underage cases, the way the victim presents themselves or stereotyping by demonstrating drug or alcohol use, creates insensitive bias and hampers prosecution of rape.“Language shapes response to sexual abuse in the wider society. It is hostile to victims and undermines the severity of the crime. The responsibility lies solely with the perpetrator in all instances. We call the Government of Gibraltar to intervene, increase sentencing severity and make the Gibraltar people feel safe in our own homeland from sexual violence.”